August Bus Trip

Our August bus trip was a fun day with something for everyone. Our first stop was morning tea at the lovely garden setting Poste Cafe in Guilford. Others decided to take a quick tour of the old gaol and museum.

Next it was off to see the the Big Bobtail of Kalamunda. It is carved out of rammed earth and represents the local bobtail that supposed to live on the block.

Lunch was enjoyed at the Kalamunda hotel followed by a walk around the town and some cheese tasting by some.

One of the highlights of the day was visiting the local library to see the largest stained glass window in Australia (see picture). It was truly amazing.

Then on our way home we called into Mundaring weir and I’m pleased to report that the water level is considerably higher than our last visit.

Many thanks to our two bus drivers and Ann our trip organizer.

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