February Bus Trip

Our first bus trip for the year is to Whiteman Park. If you wish to join this trip please put your name down on notice board. The committee request that payment is made at the same time please.

Being a Monday several of the museums will be closed. However the vintage bus run an hour long  tour. These beautifully restored vintage buses take you from the village centre to Mussel Pool and back. Along the journey you will have the opportunity to understand the history of the park from the volunteer drivers. The trip takes place at 11am and 1pm departing from Bus stop in carpark 7. Cost $2

The Revolution Transport Museum is also open. Spend time wondering along looking at the displays showcasing the impact these types of transport has had on our lives. Watch the videos. This museum also has the old machinery and curious collected by Lew Whiteman. Entry is by donation.

For those that love craft, the craft shop is where you will head.

Lovers of the outdoors have plenty of choices when it comes to walking trails. Whether it’s a gentle stroll, a short walk or longer walk there are plenty to choose from including a 2.5km loop. All walks are colour coded.

Food lovers can try the tasty food at Village Café. Prices are reasonable and don’t forget to check out there daily specials on the board.

Key Points:

When              Monday 17th February

Time                10am and back before 3pm

Bus                  $7

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